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Titanic Love - Video Clips

These soundtrack excerpts are © Alice Trueman 2017, and may not be reproduced or distributed without written permission. All rights reserved.

Multi-award winning romantic-comedy short directed by Mark Pressdee.

You can hear Alice's new exclusive score for Titanic Love for free or buy the music at Bandcamp.com

Click to view each clip:

Lucy's Polka

The Ship Departs

Lambrini and After Eights

A Golden Ticket and a Dress

Anticipation or Constipation?

Run to the Ship!

Pleeease can we go, Jack!

Ghosts from the Deep

Ballad of the Travel Agent

Tension in the Living Room

Looking Back

The film has been digitally remastered in 2017 with a brand new original score by Alice Trueman, to help the good ship 'Titanic Love' on its way with the next part of its journey!

Synopsis: Jack has a problem, his girlfriend is totally obsessed with the film Titanic! How can he satisfy her desire to go on a Titanic cruise and save his relationship? Perhaps his best mate Delroy, wheeler-dealer extraordinaire, can help! Delroy and his trusty sidekick Jaz are going to bring Hollywood and the Titanic to town, and whisk Jack and Lucy away on the trip of a life-time - but will it all end in disaster? All will be revealed in a thrilling climax that has been delighting audiences around the world!

Titanic Love has won over 30 awards at film festivals world-wide and is now in talks to be broadcast on television across Europe and America. Available soon on DVD!